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Quaderni di Arabia Antica


ARABI. Arabs recount Arabia before Islam. Part II

Daniele Mascitelli 2017, L'Erma di Bretschenider, 74 pp., ISBN 978-88-913-1293-8

This second part of ARABI project focuses on the building of the glorious past of two Arab tribes, which played an important role in the seventh and eight century CE as part of a Yemenite faction in the struggles for power of the first 150 years from Hijra: al-Azd and Quḍāʿa.

Through narrative of different kind (from Qurʾān to later genealogical and historical works), a sort of “exodus” myth has been reconstructed for these two tribes, which are said to have been moving from South toward Central and North Arabia, up to Syria and Mesopotamia, possibly some centuries before Hijra.

These stories are compared with historical data in order to find an historical ground to the legends.
Five examples of that narrative are given, in both original Arabic and English translation.

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