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3Ds of the MMS bronzes

As the restoration of the bronze artifacts from the Military Museum of Sana is concluded, 3D models of them have been created.
The technique that has been chosen is the structure from motion photogrammetry. By using passive optical sensors (cameras), it allows to get three-dimensional metrics of objects through the interpretation and the measurement of the photo images.
A series of converging photographic shoots, with a high percentage of overlap, were made while moving around the object to be detected. The method involves the following steps: image acquisition, image alignment (orientation), generation of point cloud (dense and sparse), of the polygon model (mesh) and of high-resolution photo-realistic textures.
Presently the 3D models of the plaque, the mirror, the incense burner and of the female and the horse figurines have been taken.
The models thus obtained are scaled in real size by measuring a known distance. Therefore they can be used study and analysis purpose (ortho, sections, analysis of deviations, calculating distances and volumes, etc.), but also for educational and informational purposes, using special software or web platforms that allow viewing and navigation of the object.
With these objectives, the 3D models of the bronzes will soon be published in the section of Arabia Antica dedicated to the Military Museum of Sana.