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Khor Rori Report 1

Alessandra Avanzini (ed.) 2002, Edizioni Plus, 386 pp., 86 figs., 85 pls., ISBN: 9788884920317

The volume presents the results of the first years of research carried out by the University of Pisa in Oman.

The IMTO (Italian Mission to Oman) has been working since 1997 in the Khor Rori area, which is located about 40 km east of the modern city of Salala, in the Dhofar region.

 The systematical excavation of the ancient city of Sumhuram (III century BC – IV century AD), the analysis of the urban structure and of its functional elements, its interaction with the surrounding territory, the study of the sea trades and the investigation of the linguistical and historical specificity of the Dhofar, which are the mission’s main objectives, are the subjects developed by the contributions in Khor Rori Report 1.

 After a historical-methodological introduction (A. Avanzini), this volume presents the study of the Khor Rori region’s territory (M. Cremaschi); the first excavation outcomes of the IMTO (D. Morandi Bonacossi); the reconstruction of the architectural phases of the city gate monumental complex (R. Orazi) and an updated study of the epigraphical documents of the city of Sumhuram (A. Avanzini), together with a first typological survey of the ceramic finds (A.V. Sedov) and a classifying study of the coins (A.V. Sedov). 


Edizioni Plus - Pisa University Press