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The 5th and 6th campaigns of excavation at the Salut Bronze Age Tower (ST1)

Preliminary reports from the Italian Mission to Oman, ST1 12B - ST1 13A, Michele Degli Esposti (ed.) 2013, University of Pisa, pp. 36

After four campaigns of excavation, the main aspects of the general stratigraphy of the Bronze Age Tower at Salut are already known, at least partially.

Nevertheless, the large extension of the site required further investigation in order to reveal more of its planning, as well as testing the archaeological potential of areas further away from the central monument itself.

Besides, where good, sealed stratigraphic sequences were surviving, it was necessary to record them and their cultural assemblages in order to analyse them together with the ones previously investigated, to subsequently try and build up a related pottery sequence which could possibly have an objective chronological significance.

Previously collected data were of great help in placing the new trenches and in allowing a quicker removal of those layers which already revealed to be recent and devoid of cultural remains.