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Bronze artifacts from the Military Museum of Sana - MṢM 3696
MṢM 3639
Statuette of eagle
Measures: h. 5, diam. 3.2 cm
Eagle standing, in frontal position, with open wings and paws set on a circular base.
In South Arabia the image of the eagle is often linked to the gods Nasr or Syn (Robin 2012: 49-50). It appears in a lot of examples. Influenced by models circulating in the eastern Roman provinces, especially in the Syriac area, the iconography of this animal is widespread on architectural friezes, on funerary stelae, in the bronze production as much as in numismatic and glyptics, until around the late period.
Comparisons with this small statuette could be glimpsed in a series of Ḥaḍramawtic coins showing an eagle with open wings, frequently identified with the symbolic image of the god Syn (Robin 2012: 79-80).
Fabio Betti and Costanza Odierna