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‘Ataq Museum

As most of museums of the ex-People Democratic Republic of Yemen (PDRY), the museum consisted in three parts: Antiquity, Traditions and handicrafts, History the Revolution.
In 1984 and 1985, objects from Wâdî Dura’ and Hajar am-Dhaibyyah excavations were brought to ‘Ataq, including the most precious ware. But some pieces were taken to Aden Museum for exhibitions in Yemen and abroad.
In 1989-1990, all the pottery collected during Eastern Shabwa Governorate surveys (including the important collection of Wâdî Surbân) was brought to Bayhân Museum. From 1990 onwards, material, mainly pottery, from the wâdîs Markha, ‘Abadân, Dura’ etc. was moved to ‘Ataq museum and remains still unpublished.
Jean-François Breton started a complete catalogue in 1999, and some 910 files (with photographs of the existing objects) were then recorded. Unfortunately, at that time, some pieces were missing, or moved to or from Bayhân Museum. Morevover, objects in the existing catalogue (with ATM= Ataq Museum numbers) were not available. New inscriptions later recorded by A. Batayî’ and Mounir Arbach were published in Raydân, vol 8.
Except material published in Fouilles de Shabwa II-IV (2003-2009), Trésors du wâdî Dura’ (République du Yémen) (1993), Qanî, Le port antique du Hadramaout entre la Méditerranée, l’Afrique et l’Inde (2010), and Raydân, most of the collection remains unpublished.
The section Collection of the objects from The ‘Ataq Museum of DASI, under the supervision of Jean-François Breton, is dedicated to the entire collection of this museum.