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Arabia Antica
Arabia Antica is a new series about pre-Islamic Arabia. It originated from the need to make known an area that for a long period has been considered marginal in the philological and historical studies of the Near East. 
The volumes are divided into the two sections: Philological Studies and Archaeological Studies, both edited by "Plus" of Pisa and by "Erma di Bretschneider" of Rome.
Moreover, the series has two branches, the first having a monograph format, the second, entitled "I quaderni di Arabia Antica" is more compact and economic, and mainly includes philological works.

A cosmopolitan city on the Arabian coast: the imported and local pottery from Khor Rori. Khor Rori Report 3

Alexia Pavan 2017 (with a contribution by Roberta Tomber), L'ERMA di BRETSCHNEIDER, 398 pp., ISBN 978-88-913-1295-2

The ancient port of Sumhuram is situated about 35 km east of the modern city of Salalah, in Dhofar, the southernmost region of the Sultanate of Oman. The settlement was built on a rocky outcrop dominating the Khor Rori lagoon, about 2 km from the seashore. It site was founded in the 3rd century BC...

South Arabian funerary stelae from the British Museum collection

Alessandra Lombardi 2016 (with contributions by F.E. Betti), L'ERMA di BRETSCHNEIDER, 204 pp., ISBN 978-88-913-1126-9

The funerary field is particularly interesting and rich in stimuli allowing us knowledge of religious thought and art of ancient civilisations. Pre-Islamic South Arabia (8th century BC – 6th century AD) produced a large amount of objects related to this field and, among them, the funerary stelae...

By Land and by Sea. A history of South Arabia before Islam recounted from inscriptions

Alessandra Avanzini 2016, L'ERMA DI BRETSCHNEIDER, 376 pp., ISBN 9788891311108

In our collective memory there still lies the Queen of Sheba, her journey to Jerusalem to meet the wise King Salomon, or the Arabia Felix with its fame associated in the classical world with frankincense and other precious aromas. Nevertheless the history of the Arabia Felix, the country of the...

In the Desert Margins. The Settlement Process in the ancient South and East Arabia

Michel Mouton and Jérémie Schiettecatte 2014, L'ERMA di BRETSCHNEIDER, 334 pp., ISBN 978-88-913-0680-7

Ancient Arabia has promptly been pictured as a vast empty desert. Yet, for the last 40 years, by digging out of the sand buried cities, archaeological researches deeply reviewed this image. From the second half of the 1st millennium BC to the eve of Islam in East Arabia, and as early as the 8th...

Inscriptions from the southern Highlands of Yemen. The Epigraphic Collections of the Museums of Baynūn and Dhamār

Alessia Prioletta 2013, L'ERMA di BRETSCHNEIDER, 408 pp., ISBN: 978-88-913-0001-0

Virtually every city and often even the smallest villages of Yemen have museums where hundreds of antiquities - inscriptions and artefacts - are housed, collections that bear witness to the culture that flourished in southern Arabia between the end of the 2nd millennium BC and the 6th century AD. ...

Corpus of South Arabian Inscriptions I-III. Qatabanic, Marginal Qatabanic, Awsanite Inscriptions

Alessandra Avanzini 2004, Edizioni Plus, 608 pp., 800 figs., ISBN: 9788884922632

This volume is an organized collection of inscriptions in Qatabanic, Marginal Qatabanic and Awsanite languages which have been set in the on line database of CSAI - Corpus of South Arabian Inscriptions. The book is organized like the other volumes of Corpus of South Arabian Inscriptions which will...

Le sanctuaire de ‘Athtar dhû-Risâf d’as-Sawdâ’

Jean-François Breton (ed.) 2011, L'ERMA di BRETSCHNEIDER, 224 pp., ISBN: 978-88-8265-707-9

This volume presents the results of the French 1988-1990 archaeological excavations in the extra-muros temple of as-Sawdâ’, dedicated to ‘Athtar dhû-Risâf. This is one of the few structures in the Jawf that underwent regular excavations, providing important chronological, architectural and...

Eastern Arabia in the First Millennium BC

Alessandra Avanzini (ed.) 2010, L'ERMA di BRETSCHNEIDER, 247 pp., ISBN: 978-88-8265-568-6

This volume collects the proceedings of a conference on the Eastern Arabia held in Pisa in May 2008, exactly 25 years after the first congress of Lyon on the Persian Gulf "Arabie orientale, Mésopotamie et Iran méridional, de l'age du Fer au début de la période islamique".  The basic topics for a...

A port in Arabia between Rome and the Indian Ocean (3rd C. BC – 5th C. AD). Khor Rori Report 2

Alessandra Avanzini (ed.) 2008, L'ERMA di BRETSCHNEIDER, 752 pp., Ill. B/N, ISBN: 978-88-8265-469-6

The port of Sumhuram was for many centuries a stage in the sea routes that linked Rome and the Mediterranean to Arabia and India. Since 1996, Sumhuram and its territory, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, have been investigated by the Italian Mission directed by Alessandra Avanzini. This...

L’Arabo in epoca preislamica: formazione di una lingua

Daniele Mascitelli 2006, L'ERMA di BRETSCHNEIDER, 340 pp., 19 pl., ISBN: 978-88-8265-416-0

The origin and formation of Old Arabic, the language prior to the Koran and pre-Islamic poetry, is a much debated subject, and evidence of it is very scanty and enigmatic. Pre-Islamic Arabs do not seem to have felt the need to write or describe themselves, as though culture in their society were...

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