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Arabia Antica
Arabia Antica is a new series about pre-Islamic Arabia. It originated from the need to make known an area that for a long period has been considered marginal in the philological and historical studies of the Near East. 
The volumes are divided into the two sections: Philological Studies and Archaeological Studies, both edited by "Plus" of Pisa and by "Erma di Bretschneider" of Rome.
Moreover, the series has two branches, the first having a monograph format, the second, entitled "I quaderni di Arabia Antica" is more compact and economic, and mainly includes philological works.

Temples of Ancient Hadramawt

Alexander V. Sedov 2005, Edizioni Plus, 328 pp., 84 figs., 54 pls, ISBN: 9788884922113

For the first time, this work presents a systematic and comprehensive study of religious architecture in ancient Hadramawt, the most oriental state amongst the south Arabic kingdoms. It is one of the first general reflections in a disciplinary field which is still young in the general view of...

Khor Rori Report 1

Alessandra Avanzini (ed.) 2002, Edizioni Plus, 386 pp., 86 figs., 85 pls., ISBN: 9788884920317

The volume presents the results of the first years of research carried out by the University of Pisa in Oman. The IMTO (Italian Mission to Oman) has been working since 1997 in the Khor Rori area, which is located about 40 km east of the modern city of Salala, in the Dhofar region.  The...

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