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Baynun Museum

The largest museum in terms of number of objects, the Baynun museum focuses on antiquities found in Baynun and the surrounding areas.
This museum, founded in 1990 by sheikh A. al-Huzeizi, is a key place for tourists and others interested in history, and the ideal place for visitors to experience marvellous images of the past.
The skilled craftsmen of antiquity left behind masterpieces of their religious culture, like incense burners, funerary stelae and plaques; they also created impressive architectural works, like a wonderful arch bearing at its side two predatory birds in relief. Without doubt, each antiquity conveys in its details information about those great people who built up the ancient city of Baynun, carried huge stone to build up its palaces and temples.
The inscriptions catalogued by the CASIS team are about 70, most of them in very well preserved and inscribed in beautiful artefacts like stone altars, alabaster plaques, funerary stelae with face.
The collection is enriched with a valuable group of bronze objects, like a fragment of statue. The Baynun museum also owns a wooden stick written in minuscule script.