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Restoration of bronzes from the Sana Military Museum

Following the visit of an official delegation from the Military Museum of Sana to the University of Pisa, ties of cultural cooperation between the Museum and the Dipartimento di Civiltà e Forme del Sapere have been resumed.
This initiative is being funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in consideration of the importance of the collection of ancient South Arabian artifacts at the Military Museum and the longstanding ties of close collaboration between the research group led by Prof. Avanzini and a number of Yemeni museums and cultural institutions.
Started in 2010 within the project CASIS, after an interruption caused by the political and social events occurred in Yemen, the cooperation was resumed at the beginning of 2013 within the project DASI.
The first step undertaken is the restoration at the University of Pisa of a group of bronze artifacts. The delegation led by general Ali Ghaleb Alharazi and colonnel Abed Mohammed al-Thour, director of the Museum, arrived at Pisa on July, 2nd, has delivered the bronze artifacts, which have been entrusted to the Department. The bronzes will be restored by the technicians of the Department and later will be displayed for the first time to the Italian public.
This project will include also the preparation of new exhibition rooms in the Military Museum for the display of its collections, the training of museum staff in restoration techniques and digital cataloguing procedures, and the promotion of the museum around the world.