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Activities in 2007

CASIS 1st training course

Between September and October 2007 a training course was held in Pisa, addressed to the Yemeni personnel. The course lasted 4 weeks and was held at Signum.
Six Yemeni people took part to the course, coming from Yemeni universities and from GOAM: Prof. Amida Sholan and the student Mohammed Ali Abdo Al-Hajj (Sana university), Dr. Abdullah Ahmed Makyash (Aden university), Dr. Khaldun Noman (Dhamar university), and Salah Sultan al-Hosaini (archaeologist) and Abdul Hakeem Ahmed Hezam (technical engineer) (GOAM).
The main objective of the course was to train the participants to use the IT tool for cataloguing the artworks with inscriptions. The course, held by the research group of Pisa, included lessons on the history and the language of pre-Islamic south Arabia, along with an intensive cataloguing activity.
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