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DASI 1st training course

The first DASI training course was organized in Pisa from the 21st to the 25th of May 2012. A team of the University of Pisa and of the laboratory LARTTE - SNS taught to 26 Italian and international students the use of DASI data entry tool.
After the illustration of the structure, the organization and the main features of the data entry, two days were focused on the explanation of the insertion and search of data in the cards containing different kind of information related to the epigraphs, such as generic features of the text, the translation, the description of the object and of the site of provenance of the epigraph. Particular attention was paid to the transcription of the text, on the encoding of the critical, linguistic and structural phenomena and on the insertion of the apparatus criticus.
The last two days were devoted to practicing the insertion of South Arabian, North Arabian and Nabataean inscriptions and to the discussion on the structure and the content of the data entry. As many participants expressed their intention to cooperate in the project, workgroups were created on the basis of their interest in different pre-Islamic languages of the Arabian Peninsula.