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Archaeological campaigns

The archaeological campaign at the site of Sumhuram, SUM16A, started on January 30th and ended on March 24th. Archaeological excavations focused on three main areas: area A, street A75, to check the stratigraphy; area F, square A20, to check the stratigraphy under the floor US54; area G, along the eastern city-wall.
The excavations in Area A confirmed the several phases of Sumhuram partially explained in Report 2.
In Area F new structures were unearthed in the area north of Monumental Building 2 and east of the temple, structures that belong to the first occupational phase of the city.
In Area G, an open space along the eastern city-wall and a probable new building, immediately north of the storehouses, were discovered.
Small trenches were opened also in the Area H and west of the building BB4
Restoration activities were performed iat Khor Rori and at the Islamic settlement of Hamr al-Sharqiya on the Inqitat
The second campaign of the 2016 started on October, 1st and ended on December, 8th. Works mainly focused on two areas of the ancient town.
In the Area F, the digs in square A20, in front of the temple of Sin, and in street A43 were extended. The southern part of the Area G was excavated, around the structures unearthed in the previous campaign.
The investigation in A20 confirmed the monumentality of the city since its earliest phase. Here, huge rooms with plastered structures, more ancient than the temple of Sin, and the northern part of the building BF8 were unearthed. Street A43 was an important place for production, not only of pottery, but also for manufacture of metals.
In the Area G a new building, BG1, was dug out. It is located immediately to the north of the storehouses and covers an area of about 10 m². Its plan is very similar to other houses found in Sumhuram.
In Area H, a small trench was opened in the squares l/7-8 to make a more easy path for tourists. The restoration activities were carried out all along the path for tourists.
Download the archeaological and the architectural reports of SUM16A, the archaeological (area F; areas G-H) and architectural report of SUM16B