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Archaeological campaigns

During the first archaeological campaign of 2017 at Sumhuram (SUM17A) excavations were carried out in three areas of the site.
In the Area F the investigations in the temple’s square are going on, with the main purpose of understanding the chronology of the area, the function of the buildings below the square and their relationships with the religious area of the site.
In the eastern part of the city, Area G, a new building was identified to the north of the stores. Two furnaces for iron working have been brought to light under the perimeter of one of the buildings of the area. They must be added to the other furnace for iron discovered in 2006, and to the furnaces for bronze artifacts excavated in 2014, located in the same area. This is a further confirmation of the importance of Sumhuram as a centre of production of metal works.
In Area H the main aim of the work was to investigate the relations between the southern part of the city and the well documented Area A, and to better study the structures located along the southern side of the city walls, previously excavated by the AFSM.
The most interesting object unearthed during the campaign comes from this area. It is a bronze figurine representing an animal with long straight and branched horns, which can be interpreted as a gazelle or a deer.
Parallel to the archaeological works, several restoration and consolidation activities were carried out within the ancient town of Sumhuram. They were focused on the eastern side of the city-wall and on the two eastern rooms of the building BG1.
The second archaeological campaign of 2017 carried on by IMTO in the ancient town of Sumhuram, SUM17B, started on August the 5th and ended on August the 24th.
Works were focused on two areas of the city: in Area B: part of an ancient building, on which the later structure BB3 was imposed, was investigated. It is located immediately to the West of the southern part of the storehoses complex of Sumhuram;
in Area G: the excavation of the wide street A266 brought to the light a new structure used for the iron working and permitted to fix the north-western limit of the storehouses. At the end of this campaign it is clear that there are 8 stores to the North and 8 stores to the South of the so called “Market Square” of Sumhuram.   
SUM17C was the las campaign of 2017 carried on by IMTO at Sumhuram archaeological site. It started on October the 1st and ended on December the 15th. 
In Area B: the later room A202, belonging to the building BB3, was removed, and the northern part of an older building was unearthed. Parallel to the southern side of the city-wall two rooms, contemporary to BB3 were excavated.
In Area F: the removal of a huge collapse revealed the southern side of the building BF7, together with a huge square connecting Area F and Area H, at least in a later occupational phase of the city.
The street A284 was completely opened. It runs east-west, connecting Area A to the west with Area G to the east.
The most relevant object found during this campaign is a complete rectangular limeston basin with a ASA inscription in bas-relief, which surely belongs to the 1st phase of occupation of the city. 
The work of the IMTO also included the consolidation of the ancient masonry. The restoration activities mainly focused on the intra-muros temple and two buildings in the Residential Area. A new part of the tourists path was also realized in the western part of the city.
Download the preliminary reports of SUM17ASUM17B and the archaeological and restoration (part 1 and part 2) reports of SUM17C