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Mediterranean Network for Cataloguing and Web Fruition of Ancient Artworks and Inscriptions

MENCAWAR is a two-year project funded by the European Community within the Sixth Framework Programme which promotes cooperation and technological exchange among European and southern Mediterranean countries. It is led by Prof. Alessandra Avanzini of the Dipartimento di Scienze Storiche del mondo Antico.
Taking the CSAI experience as its starting point, MENCAWAR fosters the digital cataloguing of the inscriptions of South Arabia and other regions of the Ancient Near East such as the Nabataean and Phoenician.
In so doing, MENCAWAR aims to make new methodologies widely available for the study and the preservation of ancient artefacts and inscriptions.
Within this project, the Pisa équipe has the important task of organizing and conducting the training courses, teaching participants how to perform digital cataloguing through the tool developed jointly with Signum.
Moreover, its long experience with CSAI qualifies the Pisa team to be responsible for cataloguing the collection of South Arabian inscriptions and artworks of the British Museum of London, one of the most ancient and rich collections of discoveries from South Arabia.
The objects catalogued by the University of Pisa, once published in the CSAI website, can be consulted in DASI Archive, whereas the others will be soon available in MEDINA digital catalogue.