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MEDINA 2nd plenary meeting

The 2nd Steering Committee Meeting of the project Medina was held in Beirut on May, 30th - 31th, at the Campus of Human Sciences of the Universit√© Saint-Joseph.
As usual, participants took stock of the progress of the project and planned the upcoming activities.
In particular, the working group carrying on cataloguing, after a thorough examination of archaeological materials, agreed on the data model to be used for digital cataloguing.
Moreover, they presented the themes that they believe could disseminate the main features of the Nabataean and Phoenician civilizations to general public: the role of the Nabataean language in the origin of Arabic script; technological innovations in Nabataean pottery production; fusion of East and West influence in the Nabataean art; trade, religion and funarary practices of the Phoenicians.
These topics are liable to be developed into online exhibitions and thematic pathways in order to make them accessible to non-specialists, through creativity and simple language.
A virtual tour of the Museum of Jordanian Heritage of the Yarmouk University will be also arranged as soon as the a new setting for Nabataean artifacts will be ready.
Finally, MEDINA aims to prepare paper catalogues of the collections and a handbook of Nabataean language explained through inscriptions.
Two more training courses in Irbid and Beirut focused on management, marketing and communication in museums are scheduled for next fall, as well as the next project meeting.