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MEDINA 4th training course

A training course about exhibition design, communication and marketing in museums has taken place at the University of Yarmouk (Irbid, Jordan) on November 4th-5th within the project MEDINA.
It was addressed to staff from Jordanian museums, postgraduate students in Conservation and Museology and researchers in the field.
It has been organized as a workshop in order to better involve students and apply immediately theory to the Yarmouk University Museum, in order to teach them the working methodology.
A video presentation with a wide-ranging overview inspired students to select among the international experiences those that could be applied to the local museum.
The present museum has been analyzed, and deficiencies in its communication and identification, within the web and the territory, have come to light.
Improvements to the exhibitions have been identified and a brand of the museum has been planned to make it recognizable.