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Restoration of bronzes from the Military Museum of Sana

Even though the restoration of the bronze artifacts from Yemen is still in progress, some interesting discoveries were made.
The bronzes have been lent to the UniPi by the Military Museum of Sana within the framework of a cultural cooperation agreement supported by the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI - DGPSP VI) in order to restore and make them known to the Italian public.
At their arrival in Pisa, the bronzes appeared partly damaged by past improper restoration. The original patina had been removed allowing chlorides to attack the bronze surface in the sword. Corrosive substances have been used to glue spurious parts to some artifacts, such as in the case of the applique with horse and ibex.
Indeed the bronzes turned out to be manipulated along their lives. A new head has been added to the horse statuette. The curious reasons and the objectives of these manipulations are going to be jointly investigated by archaeologists and restorers.
The present restoration intends to renovate the original patina and prevent damages from chlorides to progress.