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Archaeometallurgical studies at Salut

Numerous metal finds were retrieved during the excavations at Salut, ranging from farming tools to the bronze ladles and cauldron found in 2007 and 2005.
There is at the moment no evidence for metallurgical production at the site, except for a small furnace excavated inside the so-called burnt building and probably connected to small scale recycling. Nevertheless, a number of copper/bronze ingots also came to light from various contexts.
Their archaeometallurgical study is in progress, in collaboration with the Department of Metal Sciences, Electrochemistry and Chemical Techniques of the University of Bologna.
This study will clarify the composition of the ingots, and hopefully will allow their comparison with similar finds coming from other Iron Age sites both in Oman and in the Emirates, possibly shedding some light on the ways of production and circulation of such items.