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Sana University Museum

The first museum in the Yemeni universities, built in 1983 to fulfil the educational and training needs of students of archaeology within the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, it contains four display halls, a maintenance facility, and storerooms.
The public display is arranged by chronological periods.
The hall of Islamic archaeology contains examples of different Arabic scripts, decorated utensils bearing engraved Arabic inscriptions; two more halls display ancient archaeology artefacts; finally there is also a mummies hall.
The mummies collection in the Museum of Archaeological Department is the first collection of such kind in Yemen, and has special importance in the ancient history of Yemen because the mummification indicates that ancient Yemenis civilization had very advanced medical and scientific knowledge and used sophisticated methods.
The mummies were found the eighties of the last century (1983) in mountain caves near Shibam al-Ghiras, north of Sana.