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Sumhuram Archaeological Gallery

The Sumhuram Archaeological Gallery was inaugurated in July 2010 within the Archaeological Park of Khor Rori.
Inside it is possible to find objects from the excavated area and panels with information about the settlement and about Dhofar.
The site of Sumhuram and the territory of Khor Rori have been listed from 2000 among the Unesco’s World Cultural and Heritage places.
The importance of this reward encouraged the Office of the Adviser to H.M. the Sultan for Cultural Affairs and IMTO to create instruments and facilities to disseminate knowledge about the history of the city and to improve the fruition of the site for the visitors.
The inauguration of an archaeological park focused on the city and the ruins placed on the territory nearby has been the first step of a bigger project, including now panels for the illustration of the archaeological ruins and of the remaining areas to visitors.