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Training course on restoration and documentation of antiquities

A training course on restoration and documentation of ancient artifacts was held at the University of Pisa, Dipartimento di Civilt√† e Forme del Sapere from September, 29th to October, 24th.
The course has been organized in the framework of the cultural cooperation between the University of Pisa and the Military Museum of Sana and was mainly addressed to personnel of the Military Museums. It has been funded by the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI - DGPSP VI) and the ERC project DASI.
Lectures and practice sessions were scheduled dealing with:
- restoration of bronze objects: Gianluca Buonomini (UniPi), who is carrying on the restoration of the bronze artifacts coming from the Military Museum itself, trained participants on principles and practice of "conservative" restoration;
- restoration of pottery findings: Barbara Morelli and Emilia Vaccari (Center for Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies) focused on production techniques of pottery, cleaning, consolidation and retouching of pottery artifacts;
- manual and computer-aided drafting of pottery, photographic techniques and 3D modelling in archaeology  by Emanuele Taccola (UniPi).