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Art and Technique in Yemen: the exhibition

The artefacts of Baynun were lent to Pisa University by the Yemeni General Organization of Antiquities and Museums (GOAM), on the basis of an agreement signed in Sana in the month of July 2008 by A. Avanzini and A. Bawazir
After being restored by the Italian technicians, the objects have been displayed to public until June 10th, before their return to Yemen, at the beginning of July.
The exhibition included a video on the bronze production in ancient Yemen, and explicative panels on the ancient south Arabia history and culture.
A beautiful building located in the historical centre of Pisa hosted the exhibition, which was visited by many enthusiastic tourists and local people.
The exhibition opening (Pisa, 27th May) saw the participation of the Yemeni ambassador in Italy Shaya Zindani, of the honorary consul of Yemen in Italy Guido Bastianelli, and of many personalities from the University of Pisa.
Along with the exhibition, we published a catalogue of the exposed objects in Italian and in English.
The exhibition was replied in Yemen, during the month of July. It was displayed in the most important museum of the country: the National Museum of Sana.
The CASIS team, in the persons of Alessia Prioletta, Gianluca Buonomini and Khaldon Noman, was helped in the organization of the exhibition by the director of the museum Dr. Abdulaziz al-Jandari and by the museum staff.
The opening took place in July 18th at the presence of several authorities, such as the Yemeni Minister of Culture and the Italian Ambassador in Yemen. The event was filmed and broadcasted by the Yemeni national television.